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I'll be back online, of course, on Monday! Just figured I'd give you and my commissioners a heads up! My folks are heading to Baltimore, and it may be longer depending on the weather, that they are gone. THey're going to try and be back no later than Sunday, but I know how weather can be. 

Anyway, figured this is a headsup!
Conflicted emotions at the moment. If you had a meeting to go to, but then were suddenly told you weren't going to get paid; would you still go? 
So, my folks (as I said in the previous journal) are going out of town. This is because they need to drop my sister off at the NCCC campus within Baltimore. I'm kinda hoping one of you might be able to take them in both the tenth and eleventh? 

It's a fourteen hour trip, so it's a bit difficult for them. D: I'm kinda wondering if you guys can help? It can even be an hour out of Baltimore if need be, but it's going to be for two days, since it's such a long trip. OTL;; on the twelfth, they'd be leaving. D: They just need those two days, and If need be, I can shove some funds your way if you want a small bit of money for taking them in.

Can you pass this around? oAo THat'd be great!

I swear I cannot get enough of this show!! Like, shhhh... I'm addicted to it! LOL Well, it's only two episodes in, and I've found a new show to enjoy. I know a lot of people consider Lucifer to be the devil, and that's precisly what this show is about. HOWEVER, it's a lot different than most. Especially Bones.

See, I got addicted to Bones a long while back, but found the constent show repetitive. It bugged me as I continued to watch it, and thus I got bored. The main difference between Lucifer and Bones is well... a lot. But Lucifer is different from even shows like Blue Blood and Criminal Minds. I enjoy the different conflicts.

Lucifer is dealing with changing, while Maze is having to watch. Then there's Chloe, who not only has to deal with being the daughter to an actor, but also being a detective in the LAPD. This is also followed by her conflict of not only proving herself, but dealing with an ex-husband whose a detective, and Lucifer. Lucifer seems to have an issue with going back to Hell as it is.

It gives a great perspective of all of these different conflicts that I enjoy. I think the biggest thing is that it's got it's humor, but also darkside. I think that's why I truly enjoy it.

From a writer's perspective, this not only teaches me; but it gives me what I'm seeking as a viewer. 

All in all, it's a damned good show!

I figured I'd give you an update, by the way.

I'm probably going to be offline for almost a week next week. This is due to my folks going out of town, leaving myself and my brother at home. It can be a bit difficult, but it's not so bad. I also know that it's right around the time for Valentine's day. This will cause me to activly post valentine's day stuff in masses on Monday and Tuesday. I will also be working toward finishing as much as I can. o3o

I'm ending up being a big dork about this, but I just also want to say that a lot of you are going to be surprised on what's posted! But I hope you'll enjoy it none the less. ovo;;

I think that's it. o3o

“Alright! Time for food!” Cookie beamed, grabbing a bowl of rice. She seemed to scarf it down, more eager for the on coming battle.

Lucifer ate slowly. He wasn't that worried about when they had a battle. He was ready to fight any time they asked. Of course, he was already formulating a plan. Except he didn't know what Pokemon Tori was going to use.

“How many Pokemon can we use?” Shine asked for a moment, pausing on the rice balls.

“Well,” Cookie thought for a moment, “How about... three each? Can be substituted out, but only three are allowed in total.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Tori commented as she held her bag close to her.

“Well, I would like to think that we'd have a chance!” Shine laughed, “You guys have always been strong. I don't suppose we could battle more often?”

“That'd be great,” Tori spoke, finishing her meal. All were now waiting on Lucifer.

The man raised an eyebrow, his head shaking as he finished. He then stood and bought a few sodas for the battle.

“Alright, we ready?” He asked.

“Yep! Whose going to be the whole.. judge person?”

“Did I hear about a battle?” Magpie asked, “I can judge!”

“Sounds good to me!” Tori responded, stepping out into the bright sunlight, “It's funny to think that we originally came from such a dark forest to a bright area!”

“Nano is known for their ability to grow crops, but keep the sunlight all year round!” Cookie said.

“I know that!” Tori spoke with a laugh, “I mean.. why wouldn't I? I've lived with my guardian for a long while.”

“Yes,” Lucifer responded as they stepped into the gym once more, “It is interesting. But of course, I fear you are at a loss if I'll help you with the gym battle!”

“Well,” Magpie answered, “You two were away for a long time. This place has been converted for the conventions and trainer battles. Hence the multiple gym rooms. Even an outdoor gym!”

“Wow!” Tori responded, “I remember being young and sketching the interior for the gym!”

The female stepped up to the registration desk and requested a gym.

“We have an outdoor gym ready for you! Forest landscape too!”

“Sounds fantastic!” Lucifer answered, “I am looking forward to this.”

“As am I,” Shine grinned, “Let's go!”

Tori thought for a moment as she followed the group. A forest landscape meant the gym arena was built in a complete forest room. There was no doubt this was going to be difficult. Especially for those who relied on water or even fire. It would also be difficult for many other types.

“Alright,” Tori murmured, “I'm ready when you guys are.”

They entered the arena, all amazed at the rainforest affect. They were all unsure of what Pokemon to use.

Magpie glanced at Shine, noting the two Pokeballs. “Are you going to use anyone else?” She whispered, “I can let you borrow one of mine.”

“I could too,” Cookie said softly, “Here.”

She pushed a pokeball into the other's hand and she smiled, “I think we're going to be okay.”

“I know we are,” Shine smiled, “We will work as a team!”

They stood at the opposite ends of the arena, ready to battle against each other.

“Alright! The battle between Lucifer Morningstar, Tori  from Nano City and Cookie, Shine from the forest will commence!” Magpie raised her arm, “Trainers have agreed to use three Pokemon each! First team to loose all six will be the losers!”

“Ready?” Lucifer asked Tori, already able to see the determination in her eyes.

“Yeah, let's go!” She threw a pokeball high into the air and Venom leaped out, a terrifying roar escaping his throat as flames surrounded him, just for that brief moment.

Lucifer tossed up a Pokeball as well, Reid burst from the ball with his own shrieking roar. He hovered upon the ground while Venom seemed to growl happily.

“Now then! Go, Hailstorm!!” Shine called out, the cubchoo following suit as she burst from the Pokeball in a flurry of snow.

“Awesome! Go get em Griffon!” Cookie called out, the hybrid shrieking as it burst from the pokeball in glee.

“Challengers go first!” Magpie called, hand moving to Cookie and Shine.

“Then let's start off with a good ol' flamethrower!” Cookie beamed, “Use it on Reid!!”

“Attack with ice beam!” Shine called to Hailstorm, who grinned, “Aim it at Venom!”

“Dodge it you two!” Tori called as the powerful beams headed straight toward them.

Reid soared into the air, diving soon after the flamethrower missed. Venom jumped into the air, landing on the larger's back for that second, hitting the ground soon after.

“ARCANINE!” Venom roared, “Going to have to do better than that!”

“I agree!” Reid laughed.

“Let's make this fun,” Lucifer smirked, “Reid! Use brave bird!!”

“Venom!” Tori called, aid Reid by using smoke screen to hide him!”

A plume of smoke seemed to erupt from Venom's mouth, sending the darkness of the smoke into the arena.

“Head into the forest!” Cookie called out, “Hurry!”

“Keep up the smoke screen!” Tori yelled.

Reid seemed to glow dangerously, those eyes and outline being almost the only thing visable in the darkness.

“We're going to have to do something fast!” Shine yelled, “Mind if I call out an attack?”

“Go ahead!” Cookie coughed.

“Gryphon! Use your wings to get rid of the smoke! Hailstorm, be prepared to attack!”

The hybrid gave a cry and began using it's wings to beat back the smoke. Hailstorm steeled herself, eager to take out the hidden hybrid.

“Too late!” Lucifer called out.

Reid's eyes glowed as the smoke was pushed back, body now hidden. He didn't waste a second as he took his first attack at Gryphon. The other cried out as he was struck, body crashing to the ground. It wasn't over yet, however!

“You think you can keep battling?” Cookie called out.

Gryphon nodded, “That was the saddest attack I've ever seen! Got anything else?”

“You bet we do!” Venom responded.

“Hailstorm, use icebeam once more! Let's freeze them in their tracks!”

Hailstorm gave a cry, sending the powerful beam at the two Pokemon. Ice began forming around Reid's body, while Venom gave his own cry, struggling against the ice forming around him.

“Too simple!” Lucifer beamed, “Flame charge, Reid! Break the ice!”

Reid's body began to glow, the ice soon breaking with ease and they were left with him standing. Venom, however, was frozen solid.

“Easy for you to say!” Tori remarked, “A little help?”

“Of course!” Lucifer smirked, “Reid! Use flamethrower to thaw Venom out!”

“Don't think so!” Cookie yelled, “Roar! Sending him packing!”

Gryphon smirked, “Let's see whose afraid of the big ol' Pokemon!”

He unleashed a powerful roar, Reid's blood seeming to freeze and upon instinct was forced to switch with another of Lucifer's Pokemon.

Lucifer watched carefully as Eriol was pulled out into battle. He'd been saving the Luxio for the end, but knew this was far better.

“Nice,” Tori commented, turning her gaze back to Shine, “Try and break free from the ice, Venom! Hurry!”

“No such luck!” Shine called, “Use the best tackle you've got!”

Hailstorm raced forward, using tackle to slam headfirst into the ice. Venom was sent free, but then he was struck by the recoil. His body flipped back and he landed in an unconcious heap beside Tori.

“Venom!” She yelled, then returned him, “You did well, take a good rest.”

“First win to Shine and cookie!”

“But defeating all six!” Lucifer spoke, then shook his head. Mortals were so eager to change the rules.

“The whirlwind caused a defeat! Check Reid out!”

Lucifer glanced at the pokeball and was surprised to see Reid had indeed fainted. “Very well,” He answered, “Let's make this interesting.”

“I agree!” Tori responded with a grin, “Let's go, Ringo!”

There was a cry of happiness as Ringo burst from the custom Pokeball, his eyes seemed to shine brightly at the others.

“Let's go!” Tori called out, “Ringo! Use quick attack!”

Ringo raced forward, leaping over branches and stones, without aim as to who attack. But that was te bond between him and Tori. A bond he was certain would move him forward.

'Which one?' Shine wondered, 'She didn't say who to attack!'

Ringo struck Hailstorm as hard as he could, the pokemon sent crashing into the ground. He then skidded, while Hailstorm lay, fainted in the dust.
“Alright, Hailstorm! Return!”

“Let's get back at them, Gryphon! Use wing attack!” Cookie called as Shine tried to figure out who to use next.

“Wild charge!” Lucifer called.

Eriol raced as fast as he could, slamming into Gryphon as the other struck with wing attack. An explosion resounded, clouds of dirt rising in the air, but both knew. Flying was always weak against electric.

“Lucifer and Tori win the next round!” Magpie called, the dust settling as Eriol stood tall.

“Alright,” Cookie glanced at Shine, who nodded.

“Come on out, Glacia!” Cookie smirked, the large Pokemon seemed to burst from her Pokeball with a dark cry.

“OH... Oh.. well then.” Tori remarked, staring at the legendary.

“Now it's getting fun!” Lucifer smiled, “I was worried!”

“Glad it's fun for you.” Tori murmured.

“Alright! Sky! Come on out!” Shine called, the hybrid bursting forth in an array of bright colors.

“Nice,” Tori commented, “Part legendary and legendary vs. us.”

“Don't feel so defeated,” Lucifer remarked, “Cookie had to have defeated the kyrum in order to capture her, right?”

“Right!” Tori grinned, “Perfect! Kyruem's a dragon type too!”

Lucifer nodded, “Then let's do what needs to be done! Come back, Eriol!”

“Return, Ringo!” Tori said, watching Magpie nod in approval. Substitutions were allowed.

“Now then, let's get this going, shall we?” Lucifer grinned, “Come on out, Toxic!”

Toxic burst in an array of dark black and bright green flames, a cry escaping from her maw.

“You two, Sylv!” Tori called, sending a Pokeball into the air.

The sylveon burst forward in an arra of flower petals, much to Lucifer's displeasure. But then, he couldn't blame her for wanting to enjoy this.

“Not bad,” Cookie remarked, “Dragon vs. Fairy type! Sounds like tons of fun!”

“Legendary vs. Hybrid. Let's see what comes from this!” Shine beamed.
“Of course!” Lucifer grinned, “Alright, Toxic! Flamethrower!”

“Dodge it and hit her with flame wheel, Sky!!” Shine cried, “Go get 'em!!”

Sky gave a cry, flapping her wings as she dodged. She couldn't do flame wheel, she knew, but she also knew she could easily mimic it. Rearing back, she sent the large flames straight toward Toxic. Fire and fire did little damage, but she knew she could hit.

“Use Fairy Wind!!” Tori called, “Hit that Kyurem!!”

“Glacia!!” Cookie called, “Hit back with Glaciate!!”

The sylveon seemed to leap into the air, body turning as the wind seemed to turn pink, soon engulfing the Kyurem. It roared, but did not falter. Ice seemed to coat the field as the Pokemon seemed to strike back, slamming the large ice pieces into the Sylveon.

“Syl!!” The pokemon cried, feet soon sinking into the ground, “I can do this! You gotta hit harder than that!!”

“Of course I will,” Glacia spoke with a grin.

“Once more! Glaciate!!”

“This time use the ice to dodge and hit it hard with Moonblast!!”

Sylv did as it was told, leaping as the ice was thrown at him. He leaped higher and higher, dodging the attack, despite the ice seeming to form upon his paws.

He leaped into the air, feeling the false moon's power, his body glowing. Maw opening, the large blast struck the Kyruem hard, sending her crashing.

“No!” Cookie cried out, “You okay?”

Glacia struggled to stand, huffing angerly. She wasn't going to go down. On the other side of the field, it seemed as though both Toxic and Sky were having their own fun.

“Use Sky attack!” Lucifer cried out.

“You do the same!!” Shine called out.

Both pokemon struck out, their wings glowing as they struck back and forth, circling the skies for some ground. Both parred with ease, but Toxic was weakening.

“Hang in there, Sky!”

“You know you can do this!” Lucifer called out.

Toxic's eyes seemed to gleam as she gave her final strike, slamming hard into the other. Sky and Toxic cried out, both weakened as they crashed into the ground, fainting in a heap.
“You did a good job,” Shine spoke as Sky returned to her Pokeball.

“Same goes to you, dear,” Lucifer gave a small smile.

“Last one, and I know which you're going to choose! Come on out, Sadie!”

The Glameow burst forth, giving a powerful cry as she did so. Her paws landed on the ground, eyes lighting up as she saw the Luxio. He'd be a tough oppenent.

“Sylveon! Use Drain Kiss!”

“Try and dodge it!”

The sylveon's ribbon's seemed to grab hold, and the pokemon gave a kiss to the weakening dragon type. Glacia could feel her strangth draining, and soon fainted.

“Good job!” Tori cried, her sylveon hobbling over to her with a smile, “Get some rest, okay? Come on, Ringo! Let's finish this!!”

“This last one decides the victor!” Magpie called, “Last round was won by Tori and Lucifer!”

“Well then, we ready?” Tori grinned at Lucifer.

“Of course,” He responded, “Eriol! Electric Terrain!”

Cookie sent out Owl, hoping he'd be able to remain in the air. Meanwhile, Sadie jumped and yowled at the sharp electric ground. It seemed as though it was already working it's charm.

“This sucks!” She cried, “But I can work with it!”

“Well, I hope so,” Eriol responded, “Let's go!”

“Thunder fang!” Cried Lucifer.

“Uhm.. uh...” Shine wasn't sure what moves Sadie knew. He hazard a guess and called out, “Use scratch!”

Eriol's jaws seemed to wrap around Sadie, who cried out but struck back. She slashed at his maw, causing him to drop her.

“Ow!” Eriol huffed.

“Owl! Be careful!”

“Lucifer, your terrain is hurting us! But I've got an idea.” Tori grinned at Ringo, who bounded into the trees, masking himself in with the leaves.

“Good idea,” Cookie responded, “Head toward the trees if you need to land!”

Sadie leaped into the trees to avoid the luxio, but found herself at a loss when Tori cried out.

“Ringo! Use Feint Attack!”

Ringo's maw curled in delight, disappearing as he raced toward the confused Glameow. Sadie tried to figure out which way he was coming from, only to cry out as she was slammed into.

“Use thunderbolt!” Lucifer called to Eriol, “Hurry!”

“Dodge it and grab Sadie before she hits the ground, Owl!” Cookie called out.

The Sperrow did as he was told, flying and latching onto Sadie with his claws. The bolt seemed to strike the ceiling, creating a fire.

With the sprinklers coming on, the terrain was getting dangerous, especially for the trainers who stood upon it.

“Test time,” Tori grinned, “To the trees!”

They climbed the trees, then called out to conclude the battle.

“Eriol, work with Ringo to attack!”

“Ringo will know what to do,” Tori spoke, “As should you.”

Eriol nodded as he held his ground on the shocking terrain below. Ringo leaped down, maw opening as a powerful shadowball flew out. Eriol used his tail, splitting the shadow ball into multiple smaller ones, sending each toward their targets.

“Owl! Watch out!” Cookie called out, “Use peck!”

“Sadie! Try and slash them out of the way! Hurry!”

But there was too many of them, and a cloud from the explosion sounded. Ringo landed on the wet ground, hissing at the strength that was running through into Eriol. Thunder types were always so proud of that.

“No!” Cookie called out, watching the two drop.

“Lucifer and Tori are the winners!” Magpie spoke.

“Nice!” Tori grinned, “Sorry we uh... caused it to sorta.. y'know.”

“Yeah. I know,” Cookie laughed, “It's okay! This has been fun!”

“I agree,” Shine grinned, “I've got plenty of ideas on how to beat you next time!”

“We look forward to it!” Tori grinned.

“I can't wait!” Lucifer smiled brightly, “Let's get these guys healed.”

Returning their Pokemob, they hurried toward the center, ready to eat dinner and to talk about their plans for new battles in the future.
-PARPG- A Battle To Remember
ashdoashdosahoas This took almost ten pages to write!! I don't think I've ever written this much before in one sitting!

Cookie and Shine take on Lucifer and Tori in an epic showdown of three on three battles! Who will be the victor? Who will lose? Who will tie? :D Find out!

Sadie Glacia Owl and Gryphon Earn:

+27 EXP

Sky and Hail Storm Earn:

+27 EXP

Ringo Reid Eriol Rebel and Venom Earn:

+27 EXP

Toxic Earns:

+27 EXP
+3 Pokerus! 
I'll be back online, of course, on Monday! Just figured I'd give you and my commissioners a heads up! My folks are heading to Baltimore, and it may be longer depending on the weather, that they are gone. THey're going to try and be back no later than Sunday, but I know how weather can be. 

Anyway, figured this is a headsup!


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